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Monday, September 17, 2012

NPR White House Correspondent Doesn't Stand For Pledge Of Allegiance

NPR White House correspondent Ari Shapiro doesn't stand for our national anthem and won't recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Why? Because he places his position as a "journalist" above love of county. But, one wonders, does Shapiro understand that without this country he wouldn't be free to be a journalist?
On his NPR blog, Shapiro was thoroughly pleased with himself for imagining that a job was more important than his country, so much so that he thought enlightening the world with the debate on his Twitter account over his lack of patriotism was warranted.

The NPR reporter noted that at a recent Romney rally he was one of a few people who refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. He proceeded to tweet about his disinterest in demonstrating loyalty to our flag and quickly found that many of his followers agreed with him.

Surely a (somewhat) public figure in American life wouldn't want to advertise such a lack of respect for our traditions, but there was a method to Shapiro's madness. You see, Shapiro had a goal in mind for his piece. It comes at its end: he takes the opportunity to bash Romney for politicizing the Pledge. Clearly, Irony is not Mr. Shapiro's strong-suit.



Anonymous said...

If you read the reporter's actual twitter feed, you will find that Breitbart is taking liberties with the facts. The reporter feels ANY participation in any part of a campaign hurts the impression that he is there as an observer and to report on what the candidate says.

Anonymous said...

You are taking liberties with the facts and intent of the story 2:13.
Either you're an AMERICAN that believes in the sovereignty of this country and will pledge allegiance to it or you are not.
Clearly Shapiro will not.

Anonymous said...

Ari Shapiro is a typical un-American homosexual gay Democrat who thinks he can force his lifestyle on true Americans. He and his lifestyle is disgusting and he needs to go back to the country he came from.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Freedom comes from God, the Father of Jesus Christ.

It does not come from the barrel of a gun.

Anonymous said...

There is not much freedom of the press anymore in this country, just try and publish a photo of Muhamad in the newspaper, you won't be allowed, a little known frederal law forbids it, also try and use the word Muslim in a terrorist story and it too is cencered out. I know I write for a paper.