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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Passing off Sara Lake to its few remaining readers as a real reporter is a new low, exceeding even the likes of Eric Sahler and Joe Carmean. The recent statements by members of the Salisbury City Council exposing as complete fabrication the "facts" reported by Ms. Lake along with Ireton’s insinuation and castigation of Ms. Campbell, Ms. Cohen and Mr. Spies, are a must read – if you missed those statements, go here:

At the most recent meeting of the City Council another Ireton-Bassett fiction was revealed as a result of a question that Ms. Mitchell asked during the presentation about Ireton’s election redistricting scheme. It seems that the Daily Times has reported that Salisbury’s Afro-American population is now nearly 50% of the total population. No doubt expecting to get that answer, Ms. Mitchell popped the question to the City’s census data guru, who told her that it’s only about one-third. That should dispose of Ireton’s latest political nonsense now that the actual census data has finally been provided to the Council and the public.

Heads up, folks: there surely will be more temper tantrums by Ireton and malicious mudslinging by him and his comrades in the "newspaper". But don’t fear because with this blog to report the actual facts, you don’t have to hope that "help is on the way"!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up, Joe.

Daily Times is a tabloid rag in my opinion.

Ireton and Mitchell's new slogan should be "Smear is on the way."

As soon as I heard he was meeting with Barrie Tilghman, well, that's all I needed to hear.

Anonymous said...

I heard Mitchell's big boo-boo question and the answer you mention on PAC 14.

She and Ireton deserve each other (and Shanie, too).

Anonymous said...

There is lots more coming. Sad to say, the Tilghman machine is back out in full force against Campbell, Cohen and Spies.