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Monday, July 01, 2019

U.Md. at risk of losing accreditation needed for federal financial aid

The University of Maryland is at risk of losing an accreditation, which could result in the school and students losing out on federal financial aid.

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education announced Friday that it has put the University of Maryland under warning and is requiring the university to address concerns by March 2020.

Among the demands from the commission: University of Maryland and its Board of Regents must be able to prove it has “a clearly articulated and transparent governance structure.”



Anonymous said...

Would never let any child of mine attend that zoo today!!

Anonymous said...

What a clownshow.

Anonymous said...

Agree. How about the Salisbury snowflake who attended that college. Doesn't say much for their degrees. Should have gone to Salisbury University. Guess it wasn't good enough for them. They know who they are!

Anonymous said...

Federal Financial Aid and accreditation should be pulled since they are a sponsor of MLB Orioles. Seen that on MASN. Their money should be used more for education.

Anonymous said...

Alumni Jake Day!! That speaks volumes as to why you wouldn't send your child there.

Anonymous said...

501, what are you even talking about? Can you please try to make sense? What does the Orioles have to do with this? Or MASN?

Anonymous said...

Did any of you bashing the university read the article? Yes, Jake Day may be an idiot, but that doesn't mean that everyone who graduated from UofMD is one. Full disclosure, my daughter graduated from College Park a couple of years ago. She worked very hard for her degree.

Students should not be afraid of a school loosing its accreditation over an issue that has been fixed. Yes, it was a tragedy that poor young man died. But it does not have anything to do with the actual academics of the college, which is where the majority of the focus should be (IMHO). The school has put system into place so this doesn't happen again.

Don't forget, if they have their accreditation removed, students who are in the process of obtaining a degree will not be able to complete their education there.

A salt and burn mentality doesn't work well for anyone.