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Monday, July 01, 2019

Swamp Report: 430 Former Members of Congress Are Lobbyists, Government Influencers

Former politicians regularly monetize their experience and contacts by becoming lobbyists, consultants, and joining other endeavors to influence government activities.

Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute and senior contributor at Breitbart News, explained the ubiquity of this phenomenon in episode three of his eponymous investigative video series.

In the latest edition of The Drill Down With Peter Schweizer, published at RealClearInvestigations on Wednesday, Schweizer highlights the following figures:

  • 430 former politicians — both congressmen and senators — are now being paid to help shape government policies as lobbyists, consultants, and in other capacities.
  • 60 percent — nearly two-thirds — of the 44 members who took new jobs after leaving Congress in 2019 now work in lobbying, consulting, or otherwise influencing government activities. 


Anonymous said...

how many are masons? shriners? CFR?

Anonymous said...

This IS absolutely without a doubt the problem with our Congress

For Real said...


Anonymous said...

They are working against us you can believe that.

Anonymous said...

Most elected cronies don't have the skills of a skilled lobbyist. They are simply hired for a short peek at their Roledex to see if they have anything useful. Then, they are dumped. Just look at the history of past Congress members. Most are short termed, but the good are good sales people.

Anonymous said...

Some YES. Most NO. Or they have members of the family or circle get the job.

Anonymous said...

Let’s change the name to Swampington.