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Monday, July 01, 2019

Federal judge: Let doctors into child migrant detention centers, quickly

A federal judge has ordered US Customs and Border Protection to permit health experts into detention facilities holding migrant children to ensure they're "safe and sanitary" and assess the children's medical needs.

Inside a Florida migrant facility

The order encompasses all facilities in the CBP's El Paso and Rio Grande Valley sectors, which are the subject of a lawsuit.



Anonymous said...

"Children are held for weeks in deplorable conditions, without access to soap, clean water, showers, clean clothing, toilets, toothbrushes, adequate nutrition or adequate sleep. The children, including infants and expectant mothers, are dirty, cold, hungry and sleep-deprived," the court filing said.

Let's see the proofs.

Jersey boy said...

I don’t care what the living conditions are like!!!
If the ILLEGALS don’t like it, GO HOME!!!

Anonymous said...

2:55 PM I don't buy all of this hocus pocus crap but I DO KNOW HOW THE JAILS ARE RUN and what they look like, and that IS EXACTLY WHAT you get in jail... Let's not forget to add a little beating here and there too...

Anonymous said...

When are the judges going to become part of Congress?? They are making laws instead of enforcing the CONSTITUTION.