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Monday, July 01, 2019

Man Allegedly Stabs Officer with Screwdriver, Gets Shot Dead

Body cam video from a Sugercreek, Ohio, officer shows a truck driver allegedly stab the officer with a screwdriver before being shot dead.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, and the video was released the next day.

Cleveland 19 reports that the officer, Captain Brian Dalton, was allegedly attacked with a screwdriver around 10:00 am.

Dalton came into contact with the suspect, 32-year-old Elijah Collins III, while responding to reports of a truck being driven through lawns.


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Anonymous said...

Northwest Woodsman: Didn’t need to look at the video to know the ethnicity of the perp. Checked it to confirm my suspicions but it really was unnecessary. Why do we put up with all of this violence and do nothing. Jail and prison means nothing to them except free meals, shelter and the opportunity to visit and play basketball with friends and relatives. We need to take drastic steps to stop this violence as it is incrementally destroying our way of life.