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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

After Almost 20 Years – Crooked Hillary Clinton Gets Her Law License Back

After almost 20 years without a license Hillary Clinton just got her law license back last week at her request after paying a fee.

Hillary Clinton’s law license was suspended in March 2002.
It was reinstated last week.

What does this mean?
What is she going to do with it?

The Arkansas Times reported on this on Sunday.
Hillary Clinton’s Arkansas law license has been reinstated after 17 years of suspension. No word as yet on the significance of that.

A recent routine notice of reinstatements and suspensions by the Arkansas Continuing Legal Education Board said Clinton was one of several lawyers reinstated by the board at a meeting March 4 after payment of a reinstatement fee. Another familiar name on the list was that of Rodney Slater, Transportation secretary during the Clinton administration. He was reinstated March 5.


Anonymous said...

After 17 years she should be forced to retake the bar exam. Of course they (The Swamp) would provide her with the answers ahead of time.

Anonymous said...

Sure hope she had to go through some continuing ed and not just pay a fee and good to go. Things have change since she was a younger Crooked H.She will need them after republicans get done with her. The Donald doesn't refer to her as Crooked for nothing. Go get her Mr. President.

Anonymous said...

Clinton Omar AOC esq

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"...being older than 70, she’s no longer required under Arkansas rules to meet CLE requirements."

This is the Arkansas bar, with an Arkansas licence. She can't practice law outside of the state, right?

Anonymous said...

She's is trying to remain a topic of conversation, she wants another 15 minutes of media coverage any way she can get it. Based on her actions in the 2016 election and since ,all her burned out brain cells point to dementia. I can't understand why colleges still invite her and Bill to speak and pay them big bucks! As we have seen over the years some get to the point that even bad publicity and being covered by any media news, gives them a high.

Anonymous said... she can file appeals from with in gitmo. But really those found guilty of treason should be put to death so they can never be pardoned.

Anonymous said...

2:21 Often other states will offer reciprocal privileges to members of the bar in another state. Varies by state. Overall, she was apparently a poor student who failed the DC bar exam and then got Arkansas license due to Bubba being AR Atty Genl. She had 10 years to take the required continuing ed courses before losing her license in 2002. And it's a good bet she hasn't cracked a book since.

She now has regained an influence peddler certificate. And, she can be disbarred again!