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Monday, April 09, 2018

Time for Mueller to lay it all out

Washington is full of blather, bombast and bullsh-t, but a line about Robert Mueller was the most important thing spoken or written there last week:

“Peter Carr, a spokesman for the special counsel’s office, declined to comment.”

Since Mueller’s office never says anything outside court publicly, who knew he had a spokesman or needed one?

The line was included in a Washington Post story that said Mueller told the White House that President Trump was not a target of the criminal investigation.

The story could be a big deal — if true. But the report is nonetheless remarkable because it was the first leak in memory that carried good news for Trump.



Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that the Washington Post is an admitted CIA front for propaganda.
It was created as a CIA front organization.

Anonymous said...

Mueller want's out he knows Trump is clean but is afraid of the media attack that will follow. He raided Trump's lawyer today in a desperate attempt to find something or at least be fired by Trump for violating his Constitutional rights to save face.

Anonymous said...

Witch Hunt on Trump Fire his A$$

Anonymous said...

I hope Mueller winds up in the slammer,and that may be the reason he isn't fired.It could be that Trump is just waiting for him to screw up royally.