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Monday, April 09, 2018

YouTube Shooting Matters, but Not for the Reasons the Media Thinks

On Tuesday, a 38-year-old Iranian woman living in Southern California entered YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, California, through a parking garage. She then opened fire on company employees, wounding three individuals who she appeared to target at random, before killing herself.

It has been widely reported that the woman frequently uploaded videos onto the social media platform, and had grown increasingly angry at the company over the last year for policies she believed suppressed her pro-vegan messages and unfairly prevented her from receiving ad revenue.

The woman’s family reportedly called local authorities in the days prior to the shooting to warn them about concerns over her state of mind, and filed a missing persons report after she failed to answer her phone for two days.

Her father told reporters that he had informed the police that she might be headed to YouTube because “she hated the company,” though law enforcement has disputed that the woman’s family members mentioned any possibility that she might act violently.


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