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Monday, April 09, 2018

Majority of GOP Voters: Free Trade Has Hurt U.S., Cost Americans Their Jobs

Republican and conservative voters have turned on multinational free trade agreements under President Trump’s economic nationalist leadership, with now a majority of GOP voters saying free trade has cost American jobs and largely hurt the United States.

A poll by Harvard-Harris reveals that conservative voters are now the most opposed to free trade, with 54 percent saying free trade has hurt the U.S.

Republican voters and Trump supporters follow closely behind conservatives in their opposition to free trade, with 53 percent of GOP voters agreeing that free trade has hurt the U.S. and 52 percent of Trump voters saying the same.



Anonymous said...

There is a way to process claims for this , not in tweets

Anonymous said...

The "voters" may want to keep in mind it was the INTERNATIONAL CORPORATIONS (based in the US) who lobbied for these terrible "Free Trade Deals". It is the corporations (as always) who benefitted from outsourcing production to poor cheap labor nations. It could be argued that their practices resembles slavery in a big way. They took advantage of poor countries' population and then brought the goods back to the US and took advantage of American consumers who unwittingly put themselves out of jobs by purchasing cheap goods at Walmart.