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Monday, April 09, 2018

'Madness': Family outraged that 4 teens sentenced to youth treatment after sandbag hits car, kills man

The lawyer for the family of a Michigan man killed with a sandbag thrown from an Ohio highway overpass said it was “madness” that the teenage culprits were sentenced to a youth treatment facility program instead of jail.

Police say the boys, each of whom were 13 or 14, threw rocks and sandbags onto Interstate 75 near downtown Toledo in December. One sandbag smashed through a car windshield and hit a rider, 22-year-old Marquise Byrd, of Warren, Michigan. He later died.

The boys apologized to Byrd's family in juvenile court in Lucas County, Ohio, Friday. The judge said they could end up in juvenile detention for years if they don't complete programming of unspecified length at the youth treatment center.

Family and friends of Byrd were visibly upset as they walked out of the courtroom before the judge had finished sentencing all four teens, the Toledo Blade reported Friday

They called the sentence too lenient.



Anonymous said...

It was. They knew what they were doing. Maybe it is time the victims/families decide the punishment.

Anonymous said...

They and their friends and peers learned from TV, movies and video games that life is disposable, even more so when it's that of an anonymous victim.

Anonymous said...

So sad for the victim and family.

Anonymous said...

Its no wonder this young generation devalues life the way it does, they get sent to time out/spared the rod instead of getting cracked w/ it.

Anonymous said...

Hope they sue for all they can get.

Anonymous said...

3:09 if I were the family I would.