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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Eating well-done grilled meat and fish raises blood pressure

We know red meat isn't the best thing for your blood pressure, and fish or chicken would be a 'leaner' option at a barbecue.

But a new Harvard study warns that they are all as bad as each other when grilled.

The alarming new research, released just months before cook-out season begins, found grilling meat triggers the release of dangerous chemicals that inflame the arteries and increase hypertension risk by 17 percent.

While the study could not prove a direct cause-and-effect, they said the link is strong enough to warn people to think twice about getting their meat well-done and grilled, and to consider rare, raw or boiled dishes more often.



Anonymous said...

The Bible and the Torah both say not to eat "Blood" in meat, so I will continue to eat well cooked meat, plus if you ever watch the TV show, "Monsters inside me", everyone would want their food cooked very well!

Anonymous said...

"Eating well-done grilled meat and fish raises blood pressure"

Well yeah. When you've got to make a serious effort to struggle to chew that shoe leather that can make your BP rise.

Anonymous said...

Whatever! I'll continue to enjoy my grilling specialties the way I like them and will not pawn my beliefs on others.

Now when Joe tells me about a special on AYCE crabs, happy hour drinks, Wed chicken parm at the Touch of Italy - and all I have to do is mention Joe or SBYNEWS - I WILL listen and do as I'm told!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

11:41 Shorebillies eat them oysters raw.

Anonymous said...

The Torah prohibits tattoos but plenty of you god fearing people got tats.

Anonymous said...

Sharing the road with careless and rude idiots gives me high blood pressure, but I'm not going to quit driving over it. I take my steak med-rare anyway. Only someone that doesn't like red meat will cook it well done (and then smother it in steak sauce because they don't like the texture or how tough overcooking made it).