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Thursday, March 22, 2018



Anonymous said...

what is choices?

Anonymous said...

No say it ain't so. Not a fight at Choices. How could this be?? That's where they send all the good kids 🤷‍♀️ *sarcasm*

Anonymous said...

These kids should not be allowed to mill around. Halls are for getting from one class to another, not for socializing.

Anonymous said...

Premeditated assault, turned the phone cam on knowing it was about to happen.

Anonymous said...

What’s choices? Is that like the advanced studies group at Bennett High School?

Anonymous said...

Where did this happen?

Anonymous said...

Wicomico counties finest. Remember, no child left behind and they have a right to an education.

Anonymous said...

the savages don't want an education, i say lock em up

Anonymous said...

Choice is what they call the place they send violent disruptive students, When what they really need is the old fashion Reform school.

Anonymous said...

This was unexpected? A shock to several of you?

Everyday life in the nut house!

Anonymous said...

From the WCBOE website:


Pathways to Success

The purpose of Choices Academy is to help meet
the needs of a diverse student population as they
continue to work toward graduation through a
variety of pathways.

Pathway Title

Intended Enrollment




Behavior-based intervention placement through Alternative Placement Referral Committee(APR)

· Work toward attainment of goals linked to individualized Student Service Team Plans (SST)

· Transition to home-school


Extended suspension, expulsion, alternative from Choices Academy

· Completion of extended suspension/expulsion assignment

· Provision of educational services in accord with COMAR

High School

Risers – Grade 9

Students not attaining success at end of grade 8 with anticipation of age 16 during next academic year

· Establishment of linkages with home school

· Preparation for high school experience – academic/social

Middle School

Phasers – Grade 6

Students not attaining success at end of grade 5 with anticipation of age 13 during next academic year

· Establishment of linkages with home school

· Preparation for middle school experience – academic/social


Students transitioning from smaller academic settings to WCPS

May be supported by DJS

Transition to home school within academic marking terms prepared for larger setting
Credit Recovery Lab (CRL)

High school students needing to re-enroll in classes to meet graduation requirements

Must maintain minimum of 4 credits in schedule (FTE requirement) between home school and CRL

May have partial day schedule at home school

Increase number of credits earned in year with flexibility of schedule to provide 1 credit courses through semester schedule during school day

Online Learning

Students working toward graduation who meet credit minimum (see Notes – possible junior status or within 1 credit of junior status)

Will complete credits at Satellite with graduation from home school

Students will be able to complete graduation requirements in a smaller setting

Anonymous said...

Apparently they had made the choices to be common losers and thugs. That is probably just another random Tuesday for them. I love how the above pasted info states that it is for a ‘diverse student population’. Really? C’mon now. Diverse like the NBA?

Anonymous said...

Advanced teen daycare.