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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Population Decline in Russia

Russia's Population Set to Decline From 143 Million Today to 111 Million in 2050

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently directed his nation's parliament to develop a plan to reduce the country's falling birthrate. In a speech to parliament on May 10, 2006, Putin called the problem of Russia's dramatically declining population, "The most acute problem of contemporary Russia."

The president called on parliament to provide incentives for couples to have a second child to increase the birth rate in order to stop the country's plummeting population.

Russia's population peaked in the early 1990s (at the time of the end of the Soviet Union) with about 148 million people in the country. Today, Russia's population is approximately 143 million. The United States Census Bureau estimates that Russia's population will decline from the current 143 million to a mere 111 million by 2050, a loss of more than 30 million people and a decrease of more than 20%.



Rebel Without a Clue said...

Looks like they might put the iron curtain back up in order to hold people in.

Anonymous said...

The good old USA population must have increased when Obama was president because just about everybody was $crewed by him.

Anonymous said...


Vaccines, Weather Modification, GMO Food, it goes on and on

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Anonymous said...

Still a great place to live in spite of what Democrats say.I don't listen to them,but everyone else seems to.