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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Shoplifting Suspects Unintentionally Surrender

Wilmington - Delaware State Police have arrested a pair of suspects on outstanding shoplifting charges after they unintentionally turn themselves in at Troop 1.

The investigation began at approximately 12:22 p.m., Monday, February 22, when Troopers responded to the Kohl's department store, located at 401 Concord Pike, Wilmington, in reference to a shoplifting incident. It was determined that initially, a male suspect attempted to make a fraudulent return, but was refused based on prior suspicious return activity. Immediately after that denied transaction, a female who was accompanying the male, removed merchandise from the display and exited the store without rendering payment, despite an attempt by store security to detain the pair. The suspects were last seen fleeing the in a silver, Hyundai Tucson.

Through various investigative leads, Troopers were able to positively identify the pair as Christopher R. McDowell, 34, and April J. Wright, 48, both of Wilmington. Shoplifting warrants were obtained and kept on file as the suspects remained at large.

On Tuesday, March 20, 2018, a white male, who appeared to be intoxicated, voluntarily walked in to Troop 1 and requested a ride home. Troopers immediately recognized the subject as McDowell and took him in to custody without incident.

After being processed on one count each of Shoplifting and Conspiracy 3rd Degree charges, McDowell was arraigned in Justice of the Peace Court #11 and released on $1000.00 unsecured bail. After being released McDowell phoned an acquaintance for a ride home.

When the female subject who was supposed to drive McDowell home arrived at Troop 1, Troopers recognized her as April Wright, at which time she was taken in to custody without incident.

Wright was processed on one count each of Shoplifting and Conspiracy 3rd Degree charges, in reference to the Kohl's incident, as well as a Shoplifting charge from an unrelated incident. Wright was arraigned and released on $1500.00 unsecured bail.


Anonymous said...

No Uber in Wilmington?

Anonymous said...

Too risky. Most of the Uber drivers have warrants as well.

Anonymous said...

Crackheads ain't got credit cards.

Anonymous said...

6:45 Any facts to back that up or just your vast knowledge base from reading the national enquirer?

Anonymous said...

How sweet it is! Karma at its best!

Anonymous said...

Ignorant people in the news!

Anonymous said...

Here you go d****** read this. is just one example

Anonymous said...

5:26 That person was a test drive monitor, not a Uber driver picking up customers. Furthermore, one person is not most when there are over 5 million uber drivers. Don't let facts get in the way of your ignorance and name calling. Are you still mentally stuck in third grade?

Anonymous said...

The pictures were funnier than the press release :)