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Friday, November 03, 2017

Stockman Slams Mueller's Mugging Of America: The Case Of Baby George Papadopoulos

This is how the Deep State crushes disobedience by the unwashed American public. It indicts not only ham sandwiches but, apparently, political infants in diapers too, if that's what it takes. Hence the sudden notoriety of Baby George Papadopoulos, who pled guilty to "lying" about an essentially immaterial date to the FBI.

Oh, and by all signs and signals that plea came after this 30 year-old novice had been wearing a wire for several months.

So here's how this noxious act of bullying by Robert Mueller's Federally-deputized thugs came down. It seems that during the early months of 2016, when Trump was winning primary after primary against all mainstream media expectations, the Donald's establishment betters began attacking his foreign policy credentials with special malice aforethought.


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Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton picked George Papadopoulos to represent US at 2011 UNESCO in Paris
Well isn’t this interesting. Turns out George Papadopoulos who may have worn a wire for Mueller was hand picked.So it turns out that George Papadopoulos was merely a deep state mole, hand selected by Clinton to pull off the crap he has. I wouldn’t be surprised if George Papadopoulos was one of the deep state leakers too. Now it all makes perfect sense. Don’t be surprised if Obama was in on the Papadopoulos mole too. These things are prepared years in advance, having Trump becoming POTUS, the mole from Clinton and Obama paid off.
I don’t think Clinton or Hussein Obama planned on Donald Trump becoming a president back in 2011, this was for other future Republican presidents. George Papadopoulos needs to be investigated by Congress for his ties to Clinton and Obama. Enough is enough of this corrupt Clinton bull crap.