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Friday, November 03, 2017

Hooked on Fishing: Fall 2017

Four-year-old Eithan Aghion catches his very first fish!

Fall is for Fishing

It’s that time of year when our youth fishing rodeos have all wound down and school is already well into the academic year, but that doesn’t mean the fish are back to school too! In fact, the fall and even winter months are some of the best times of the year to grab your fishing rod.

In October, thousands of brown, golden and rainbow trout were released in select lakes, ponds, rivers and streams as part of Maryland’s Trout Stamp program. That means kids younger than 16 can hit stocked areas any time!
Photo of: Child with catfish
Creature Feature
Cooler water temperatures stir various types of catfish to think about eating even more than they do during the warmer summer months. 
Catfish can be found in all of the tidal creeks and rivers flowing into the Chesapeake Bay, and many lakes throughout Maryland. Catching them is simple and provides some fun fishing from lake and river banks.
Photo of: Erik teaching a large group of scouts how to fish
Fisheries Staff Schools Kids
Earlier this fall, Recreational Outreach Coordinator Erik Zlokovitz and his son Ethan participated at this year’s STEM for Scouting event at Aberdeen Proving Ground.
These lucky children learned the basics from how to bait to how to cast. They even had the chance to throw one of our large nets into the water to see what they could catch! This event drew nearly 500 boys and girls from across eastern Maryland. 
Youth Angler's Log
That’s a great catch! Did you take a picture? Share it with friends? Well, if you did and really want to show it off, why not submit it to the Youth Angler's Log? Here you’ll find lots of tales from kids and teens across the state who are proud of their catches. It's simple to do, and for an added bonus, every few months we randomly select a name for a cool prize. Who knows? You may be next! 
We spent the summer with AquaKids! Check out all the cool stuff we did, including electrofishing in the Savage River!


Steve said...

These fishing reports are great, Joe! Nice addition to your site! Especially that DNR writer; what an expert. He makes me want to quit my job and fish every day.


Anonymous said...

I love to see the sponsored father son events. If my ex had taken our 2 sons to more things they would no doubt still be alive. A child without a father in their life is like a boat with no navigation and runs aground.