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Friday, November 03, 2017

Delaware Branding Company Presents Sponsored Artist

International tattoo manufacturer, Dragon Hawk Tattoo Supply, has teamed with Delaware Branding Company’s Lucas “the Kid” for a sponsorship while expanding it’s global exposure. Dragon Hawk, a company based in China, has added production and warehouse facilities to the US and secured sponsored artists to field test products and help spread the word.

Dragon Hawk Tattoo Supply was founded in China over 15 years ago, with the mission of supplying inexpensive machines and supplies to tattoo artists world wide. Currently, their Compass machines rival tattoo machines costing considerably more, providing artists more affordable alternatives. With the many artists switching to rotary machines, machines without coils operating on direct to motor current, Dragon Hawk is seeking to provide the most durable machines with less of a price tag. Lucas “the Kid” made the switch to rotary machines six months ago. That’s where the two crossed paths.

“I ordered some needles for the new rotary machine I purchased from a rival company and they totally botched the order,” Lucas says, “so when I contacted Dragon Hawk they were more than eager to make sure everything went smoothly.” He added “the correspondence continued for a week or so, with them checking out my work and offering to send me some machines to try out and give them feedback.” The correspondence and feedback has gone so well that Dragon Hawk is currently producing a signature, rotary machine for “the Kid”. 

“If you would of told me way back when I first started that a company would be making a tattoo machine with my name on it, I would of said “uh uh, no way, you’re crazy”, but it’s happening.”
The new Lucas “the Kid” rotary machine from Dragon Hawk, will be available late November and feature all the best parts, manufacturing and production available in both China and the US.
“I’m happy for him,” says Delaware Branding Company’s owner and fellow tattoo artist Mike P. “Lucas has been here almost from day one. He came in, paid his dues, and learned everything I could possibly show him,” Mike P goes on “I’m not easy to work with. I’m glad he stuck it out. It’s definitely a fitting reward for anyone who can endure being tormented by me for three years!”

Lucas “the Kid” is available for appointments at Delaware Branding Company in Downtown Milford, DE at 302-422-4538 or on facebook at DelawareBrandingCo. Look for his signature machine to be released on

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