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Friday, November 03, 2017

RNC Chairwoman McDaniel: Every Democrat Should Denounce Latino Victory Fund Ad

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said that every Democrat should denounce the “sickening” Latino Victory Fund ad.

Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs asked McDaniel, “That ad is one of the most sickening things. It was put out, by the way, fronted by Eva Longoria, the Latino Victory ad, do we have that ad here? … The fact of the matter is that she is fronting an ad that is just despicable, showing people trying to run down young, apparently young Hispanics, running from these folks, portrayed as the followers of Ed Gillespie. It is one of the nastiest things I’ve ever seen, Ronna.”

McDaniel responded, “It’s despicable, and the fact that Ralph Northam, the candidate for governor in Virginia refuses to denounce this, every Democrat should be denouncing this ad, to see a person in a truck with a Gillespie sticker trying to run down little children. It feeds the worst of our country in terms of hate and division, and fear, and if Democrats are going to play on this, they are looking for a bad 2018, because I think Americans will reject that type of message, and rhetoric.”


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