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Friday, November 03, 2017

Hillary Clinton Now DEFENDING Fact That She Paid For Trump Dossier

Now I mean this – there is no end. NO end to Hillary Clinton’s excuses for her actions or non-actions. To that point, she was just on the the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, and said flat out that her and her campaign, paying for the notorious Steele dossier that looked into Donald Trump – her opponent – was totally acceptable…But of course not colluding with Russia to try and influence the 2016 election – a CLAIM that has ZERO evidence behind it.

Notice the difference between the two? One she did, and was CAUGHT, the other Trump didn’t do, and there is no evidence of at all…

Here is a bit of her giving off the excuse on the Daily Show:



Anonymous said...

Hillary could use an entirely separate DOJ devoted just to her.

Anonymous said...

How is this Not Treason.

Anonymous said...

Trevor is as big a moron as hillary.

Anonymous said...

There's a word that I reserve for people like her, but I can't use it here.