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Friday, November 03, 2017

The Clinton Fusion Russian Collusion

Special counsel Robert Mueller issued the first three indictments from his investigation into whatHillary Clinton, her Democrat Party hacks and their MSM propaganda machine insist was Trump/Putin collusion to swing the 2016 presidential election.

There will be more indictments from the investigation into the “attack on our democracy,” as Clinton calls it, but they may land on the doorstep of the Clinton crime syndicate — especially in regard to the Obama/Clinton quid pro quo cash for uranium deal.

For months, The Washington (Bezos) Post had been promoting this Trump/Putin collusion farce as Watergate on steroids – until last week, when it could no longer conceal the fact that it had discovered the fake Trump/Putin dossier, the impetus for Mueller’s investigation, was actuallyfunded by Clinton and the Democrat National Committee.

Again, in the spirit of the Watergate investigation, I ask, “What did WaPo know, and when did they know it?” Did it really take 10 months for some Beltway “journalist” to make the connection between Clinton, the DNC and the Russians?

Four days before the WaPo report, Clinton was still asserting the Trump Collusion Delusion: “The closer the investigation about real Russian ties between Trump associates and real Russians … the more they just want to throw mud on the wall, and I’m their favorite target.”

She might already be Mueller’s “favorite target.”



Anonymous said...

Nothing will happen to her or any democrat.

cass said...

Sad to say but the above comment is probably true. Both Clintons seem to be untouchables.

Anonymous said...

Mueller will do the same thing as Comey. Cover it all up for Hillary, Obama, Holder, Lynch and the Democrats.