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Monday, November 06, 2017

Cardin: Trump 'NOT ALLOWED to pre-emptively nuke North Korea'

Donald Trump does not have the authority to pre-emptively launch a nuclear strike against North Korea, a top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has claimed.

Senator Ben Cardin said Congress “has not authorised the use of force, so the President does not have the authority to pre-emptively use force”.

He added: “Now, the President is commander-in-chief, and when he makes orders obviously the military will follow those orders.

“What we are saying is under no circumstances should we be using nuclear weapons and we should not be looking at a pre-emptive strike.

“What we should be looking at is a surge in diplomacy.”



Anonymous said...

Thank God!

Anonymous said...

I bet Libtard Cardin wouldn't say the same thing about his boi the Illegal Alien Muslim from Kenya that occupied the White House.

Anonymous said...

What a dunce. He should read the constitution and the powers relegated to the president.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ, the war is just in a cease fire mode, and the war powers that were granted the previous president during the Korean war have never been repealed.

Bomb them off the face of the earth President Trump!

Anonymous said...

Just another ignorant Democrat. He has never held another job in his life but Politian. He is the swamp and Marylanders keep voting him in because he has the DC support. He has done nothing to improve life of Marylanders or the middle class. His prodigy is John McCain.

lmclain said...

He has sucked the public teat for his money.
Diplomacy has produced the North Korea we have today. He suggests more of the same?
The same guy who says we need MORE laws to stop violence.
THAT also seems to be working fine. Look at the heaven on Earth known as Chicago. Or that bastion of peace, Baltimore.
He is one of the more stupid people that lay claim to "leader".
An original thought would probably induce brain cancer in him.
Shut up and retire. You've taken enough bribes to last for a while.

Anonymous said...

Ben Cardin for Ambassador to N. Korea!

All in favor, say Aye.

Anonymous said...

You do realize that millions of South Koreans will die and the fallout from nuclear bombs will affect the whole earth? You are a typical ignorant shore billy, dumber than a doornail. I am not a liberal so don’t start throwing that bs around.

Anonymous said...

He DON"T need Congress > Damn Good Thing > or we ALL
would be Dead !!

By the time they made a damn decision WE would be Nuked !!!

He ALONE gives the Frigg'in Order & has the Codes !!!

lmclain said...

Talk about being dumber than a doornail??

YOU better start looking at the bigger picture.
North Korea SAYS they will attack us with nuclear weapons as soon as they can.
No one dies when THAT happens right?
All we have to do is feed his country (that he WON'T feed), send him billions in aid, and never say a mean word to him.
How has that worked so far?
What? North Korean nuclear fallout material is not as dangerous as USA nuclear material?? THEIR bombs don't really hurt anyone??
Look up Neville Chamberlain to see how YOUR plans work out.
NK is ANNOUNCING their plan to attack us. You want more diplomacy with people who only use it to delay sanctions or buy time.
Yup. Dumber than a doornail with a limited view.
Keep cheering.