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Monday, November 06, 2017

Company Comps Non-Smoking Employees for Their Co-workers' Smoke Breaks

While it seems that fewer and fewer people are smoking these days, there are still an estimated 36.5 million adults who smoke in the United States today. That's a lot of people. And that's a lot of smoking breaks taken throughout the workday.

When an employee of Piala Inc., a Tokyo-based organization in Japan, put a message in the company's suggestion box about how the smokers among the employees have been causing problems, the CEO, Takao Asuka, agreed. Since Piala, Inc. is located on the 29th floor of the building, the 30 or so employees (out of 120 total) who wish to take a cigarette break must go all the way down to the basement to do so. Each trip eats up about 15 minutes. And that can add up.

To address the issue, Asuka did something unexpected: he gave all non-smoking employees of Piala Inc. six extra days off per year to compensate. And some have already taken advantage of the new perk. Incredibly, four smoking employees have even kicked the habit as a result of the new policy.



Anonymous said...

Too bad it's not retroactive.

Anonymous said...

Thinking outside the box.

Anonymous said...

That is a fantastic solution to a problem. Cell phones should be left in the car as well, the millennials think that it is their right to be on FB and instagram all day instead of working while they are getting paid to work.

Anonymous said...

Rick Hoppes used to let his relative, Lt. Greg Hoppes, take multiple smoking breaks every single day that he worked. Not just 2 a day, but maybe 4 or 5 smoking breaks an hour Greg Hoppes could be found outside the back door or by the fire hydrant and either way Rick Hoppes, the fire chief, would either drive by him or walk by him. When he walked by him, Greg should have been fired because the back door was an illegal smoking area.

This went on every single day with Greg Hoppes and David Insley. And some wonder why David Insley had lung cancer and had to leave the fire department. You can say that Rick Hoppes contributed to David Insley's lung cancer and Greg Hoppes' pending COPD. Greg already has the signs and symptoms of COPD.

Anonymous said...

I worked for a ins company downtown and they gave smokers several breaks a day and non smokers got none. So I lied and told them I smoked just so I could go outside a couple of times a day and get fresh air. They were an ignorant bunch.

Anonymous said...

Good. I too worked for a Fortune 500 and the smokers would take their breaks and not smoke one but maybe two or three cigarettes during each break. Not fair to the others and the smokers added to the healthcare problems as well.

Anonymous said...

I think bosses are required to give maybe a half hour lunch break and two 15 minute breaks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I think I am right on that for your standard 8 hour day.

The smokers feel like they are entitled to as many smoke breaks as necessary. Look a Lisa in Bob's office, she is down stairs in the smoking area every time I go to the GOB. It seems like it's the same people and if the non smokers felt like taking an extra break they get written up for it.

Anonymous said...

8:53 AM you are 100% correct on that. Not only did Greg Hoppes and Insley get all the smoking breaks they wanted they got away with murder. If they weren't outside smoking cigarettes they were playing on their computers all day long. It was nothing for Hoppes to be seen playing solitaire all day long. There is only so much you can do as a maintenance Lieutenant. Insley as an EMS Lieutenant read a couple of EMS reports every now and then. That is not what a real EMS Lieutenant does, but that is all Rick Hoppes wanted him to do. Piss poor leadership at the Salisbury Fire Department. Most employees can't wait until Rick Hoppes is GONE!! Just don't want any of the people who may move up to his spot either. Then you are getting the same ole same ole.