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Monday, November 06, 2017

HYPOCRITES! Google Employees Now Defending ‘Discrimination’ Against Conservatives

As if we didn’t know there was bias against anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders. But this is just more pudding about the proof or however that saying goes.

CNN has recently done a rigorous analysis about bias against conservatives in Silicon Valley. Discussions at Google have been leaked to Breitbart news and they definitely confirm what we’ve all been thinking. Conservative employees who bring up concerns about bias against them are usually ignored, scolded, or outright hostility against them ensues. Exhibit A is James Damore, who got fired after writing a response to diversity training that he was forced to go to. A majority of employees polled say that the culture of the company has not improved since they were brought on as employees. This poll was taken anonymously after the infamous departure of Damore.

In the leaked screen grab below, the evidence is starting to mount.


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Anonymous said...

CNN doing an analysis on bias against conservatives??? Really??? Is this a joke?