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Monday, November 06, 2017

A ‘Comprehensive History’ of How the ‘Republican Party has Shafted Its Voters for Decades’

Rush Limbaugh gave an on-air review of Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s new book, Billionaire at the Barricades: The Populist Revolution from Reagan to Trump, praising it as an “excellent” and “comprehensive history” of the struggle between the Republican Party establishment and the grassroots voters who have been “shafted” by the party for decades.

From the transcript of Limbaugh’s October 23, 2017 show:

"Even though you have lived through a lot of or some of this, reading this book will remind you how much of it you have forgotten. She starts with the history of conservatism starting with Goldwater, and what she does among other things is she lays all the steps out chronologically that led to Donald Trump, that we didn’t elect Donald Trump last year, that Donald Trump’s not the product of just the Obama years.

"In fact, that Donald Trump is the product of the Republican Party trying to force establishment candidates down everybody’s throat, like McCain and like Romney, and she zeros in on the eight years of George W. Bush as having been devastating to the conservative movement.."

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Anonymous said...

In reality, both parties have "shafted their parties". you look what the democrats have done, or should I say not done for all their voters. Every weekend, their voters in Balt., D.C., Chicago, Etc., all end up with a loved one dead in the street. And they Dem's do nothing,. and they keep right on voting for them.

lmclain said...

It is hilarious to watch the former Presidents tell us how bad Trump is....
Absolutely hilarious.
Iran and North Korea threaten the entire world and those guys did what? Send them technology and food and money.
They stuffed the government with relatives and cronies who sold out the American people while enriching THEMSELVES.
They rigged elections, lied over and over, stole our money and spent it with no regard for anything other than their personal gain.
They took us to war and sent OUR kids to look for "weapons of mass destruction". Pretty much destroyed half the Middle East and millions are now in poverty.
They made BIG money on wars THEIR kids never saw -- they went to Harvard while YOUR kid came home with no legs.
And they have the AUDACITY to say Trump is very bad?

I wouldn't waste spit on any of them. But I would spare a few yards of rope.
Keep cheering.