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Monday, November 06, 2017

Hillary Clinton Meets the Underside of the Bus

The Democratic Party, Donna Brazile, Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, and Jake Tapper were not very nice to their former headmistress, Hillary Clinton, at all this week. On Friday, a quick glance back at the resulting news cycle may seem on the surface to be full of new revelations, but in reality, it is not particularly new or surprising. Oddly enough, it actually seems a plausible thought that in the upcoming weeks, month, maybe years, perhaps conservative writers and pundits will be treating Hillary Clinton with better regard than her own liberal allies.

All is fair in love, war, and politics. This is demonstrated time and time again, yet for a superfluity of reasons, this week's unprincipled, spineless Democratic Party SOP hit job is especially extraordinary, considering the sheer scope of this target, and what it says about the two-faced, lying, conniving, calculating former colleagues and sycophants having participated.

Think about the unblushing shamelessness of which Donna Brazile has just shown herself capable. Even to conservatives watching this liberal-on-liberal, very public, very blatant power-grab, it might appear unusually savage. Donna Brazile came out so suddenly and conspicuously against Clinton with charges of "hijacking" the DNC for her own sake, at the cost of many by robbing the DNC of all its wealth; rigging the democratic process; and stealing the election from Bernie Sanders.



Anonymous said...

Why anyone still defends her (without receiving piles of money) is beyond imagination.

Anonymous said...

Meet the women who singlehandedly and collectively destroyed the Democratic Party on the heels of a president who did his best to destroy the Nation.

Anonymous said...

Love it > Snakes eating Snakes !!!

Anonymous said...

Clinton Mafia planning Brazile's demise.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget losing a entire Embassy while Secretary of State with in 28 months. The women ruins everything she touches. Insane to me she is not jail.

Anonymous said...

Let them All Do EAch Other in ....LIke the Mafias !!!!

While America sits back and watches !!!!!