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Friday, August 04, 2017

Why CNN's Jim Acosta Is Wrong About the Statue of Liberty

Jim Acosta of CNN delivered a ten-minute speech in the White House Briefing Room yesterday, theoretically asking Trump policy wonk Steven Miller about the new immigration bill. Shortly after that, it became a Thing on Twitter to point out that Miller's own great-grandparents entered through Ellis Island in 1903, the same year that the Emma Lazarus poem was added to the Liberty Island memorial.
Now, I believe my grandmother who, along with her mother and siblings, entered the country in 1904, to join my great-grandfather who had been here since about 1900. And I remember my family telling me stories about how frightening Ellis Island was because you didn't know if you were really going to be admitted, or sent back after you'd spent everything you had to get here. So I got curious about what the entry requirements were at that time. The GG Archives provided some interesting material.


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Anonymous said...

So he celebrates coming to this country and shows thanks by undermining America through his Communist view point in his reporting.