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Friday, August 04, 2017

Harvard University's 2017 intake 'majority non-white' for first time

More than half of Harvard University's next student intake will not be white, for the first time in its 380-year history, official figures show.

The varsity, which has educated more US presidents than any other, will take 50.8% of its freshmen from minority groups.

That compares to 47.3% last year.

Asian Americans make up 22.2%, followed by African Americans at 14.6%, Hispanic or Latino students at 11.6%, and Native American or Pacific Islanders at 2.5%.

The milestone figures come just days after Harvard was drawn into a row over affirmative action between the US justice department and the New York Times.



Anonymous said...

I wonder how many non-whites were put there on an Affirmative Action program??? The liberal Massholes up there are famous for that kind of crap!

Anonymous said...

So much discrimination against whites its sickening! If this was the other way around say a basketball team that had more whites than blacks would it make the news? Harvard is a disgrace!

Anonymous said...

Everything today is about color, not qualifications. Not saying I have a problem with any color that qualifies.

Anonymous said...

Just another liberal hell hole. Not the Harvard of 30 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Yes Poor Whites cannot afford to go to college
( The Working Class )

Anonymous said...

How many are paying their own way and not off the Tax Payer Like the White students have to?

Anonymous said...

Harvard is a recruiting ground for intelligence operations.
They need more non-white people to be engaged in secret operations against the American people.
Thus, the need to accept more non-white people.

Plus, by doing so, and by announcing it to the world, Harvard is able to "stir the pot" some more.
There is an agenda to enrage white Americans and try to engage us in aggressive protests or violence.
The MSM has been fueling that fire for a long time now, trying every trick in the book to start a race war.

But whites (and blacks) for the most part are having no part in it.
We don't want violence or a race war.
We simply want to be left alone by the tyrannical government which occupies Washington DC.