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Friday, August 04, 2017

VIDEO: Man Tells Nancy Pelosi "Prison Time Is Coming Soon"

Congresswoman left shaken as Dems rocked by scandals

A man filmed himself delivering an ominous warning to Nancy Pelosi during an encounter in Washington D.C. that left the California congresswoman visibly disturbed.

“Nancy,” the man calls out, extending his hand as Pelosi walks by.

“Hi,” she responds, reciprocating the handshake.

“Prison time is coming soon,” the man says while inches from her face. “Be ready.”

“Mmm,” returns Pelosi.

“Donald Trump. Not much time left,” he calls after the retreating Congresswoman as she is guided away by her aides. “Bad news for you.”



Anonymous said...

There's no sense in torturing the woman. Just prosecute and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

She should have went to Prison along time ago for Waisting
taxpayer $$$$ misusing it to Travel the World on
Unauthorized Private Luxury Jets instead of using the
Proper Gov't jets the rest use ( ALL IN THE NEWS )

Anonymous said...

10:21 I believe you're right.

She's most likely tortured enough
with her problem .

Anonymous said...

She is the DEVIL !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Prosecute Her /Shumer / Cummings / All Demon-crats too

Anonymous said...

Take ole Maxine waters with her .

Anonymous said...

It may not have been the nice thing--but she has never given a nice comment about our President, she has exhibited nothing but hate, her and Hillary need prison time.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand the dummy, but picking on a ole senile person is cold. She had a clean depend on and had to go and mess herself. Sad indeed.