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Friday, August 04, 2017

Harvard study: 2 teaspoons of salt a day damages the heart

Eating just two teaspoons of salt a day damages the heart, new research suggests.

Having a sodium intake of 3.73 grams, the equivalent of around two teaspoons of salt, is associated with larger heart chambers, a study found.

Previous research suggests hearts become enlarged when the muscle is overworked due to an underlying condition, such as high blood pressure.

Such a salt intake also increases strain on the heart's muscle and boosts its beating rate, the research adds.

These results are thought to be due to salt's impact on blood pressure, which previous research reveals is linked to heart attacks, stroke and kidney disease.

The CDC and NHS both recommend adults eat no more than around one-and-a-quarter teaspoons of salt a day, which is easily exceeded if people eat ready-prepared food.



Anonymous said...

This study will be debunked as flawed fake science in a short while.

Anonymous said...

To put it in terms people could understand

That would be 4600 milligrams of salt a day.

I imagine that would kill you

Anonymous said...

You would have to eat 5 cans of corned beef hash a day to get that much salt in your diet.

Anonymous said...

Today I was in awe of a guy pouring salt on his food in a restaurant I was in.He had not even tasted his food before he started gorging.

Anonymous said...

Lots of salt on your food keeps the mosquitos away. They don't like salty blood. You can look it up!

Anonymous said...

Four years at Harvard causes liberal brain damage.

Anonymous said...

About one third of the diet is salt of people working in the salt mines in Africa. They are living to be about 90-100 years old. Explain that.