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Friday, August 04, 2017

Mueller Gave Clintons a Pass on Foundation Scams in Russia Uranium Deal

Mueller’s role as “Clinton Fixer” as Bill and Hillary Sold Russia 20% of All Uranium Mined in USA

The FBI Vault provides ample documentation that then Attorney General Robert Mueller, like his successor James Comey, closed several different criminal investigations into Clinton Foundation activity, without producing any recommendations for criminal indictments.

During Mueller’s term as FBI Director, the FBI dismissed repeated “pay-to-play” accusations that Frank Giustra paid the Clintons millions of dollars to induce Bill and Hillary to wield public influence in the United States, Kazakhstan and Russia, to assist Giustra in a complex scheme that ended up with Giustra’s Canadian company, Uranium One, controlling some 20 percent of all the uranium mined in the United States.

As detailed here, from 2005 to 2013, the public record suggests Giustra was responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in “charitable donations” to the Clinton Foundation and hundreds of thousands of dollars to Bill Clinton in speaking fees that are suspected of violating numerous federal, state and international violations of the laws regulating the operation, administration and financial reporting of charitable entities.



Anonymous said...

How the Hell was he picked to do this??
it really makes me think that the Trump team was really stupid, or are really smart by keeping the enemy closer.

Anonymous said...

No they weren't smart it was a big mistake but it can be corrected by firing that SOB. The political fallout would be some trouble but better to get it over with now before it's too late. What is the MSM going to do accuse Trump of all kinds of misdeeds, hell they are doing that now.

Anonymous said...

Amazing this idiot was appointed to investigate Trump when he was involved in allowing the criminals of collusion walk free. Amazing. Who believes he will do the same with Trump and his team / family? There is proof everywhere that he is obligated to give equal justice by clearing all by closing the investigations and saving millions in tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

Easy to understand why they give the Clintons a pass; look at the trail of bodies.