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Friday, August 04, 2017

Ingraham on Republicans: 'A lot of them don't want Donald Trump to succeed'

Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham lashed out at establishment Republicans Tuesday night, telling Fox News' "Hannity" that "a lot of them don't want Donald Trump to succeed."

"A lot of them don't like his policies," said Ingraham, who singled out Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake as being part of "a significant Chamber of Commerce wing of the Republican Party."

Flake made headlines Tuesday with the release of his book, titled "Conscience of a Conservative," in which he described the GOP as being in "denial" about the consequences of electing Trump president.



Anonymous said...

His policies are not mainstream/institutional!
They want the status quo/centrist stuff so they can cave to the dumbocrats and continue to lie to their constituents to get reelected...Good news is the voters are seeing through that - with the help of McCain, Collins, and Murkowski!

Anonymous said...

They want what their bosses want.
The people who finance the campaigns are in charge, not the politicians.
The politicians are puppets of the big banks.

Zorro said...

vote those anti-trumps out in 2018