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Friday, August 04, 2017

Berlin considering resort’s Dew Tour bowl for town park

Berlin has its eye on the Dew Tour skate bowl, the large skate structure that dominated the inlet parking lot in June 2014 as the centerpiece of the national extreme sports competition.

Town officials will have to wait before pursuing that objective, however, as Ocean City officials ponder whether the bowl — now rusting in pieces in a storage lot — will be incorporated in the Third Street skate park.

Berlin Mayor Gee Williams said he called Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan about a month ago to inquire about the structure.

He apparently told Meehan, “if you all decide not to use it, we might be interested in taking a look at it,” Williams said. “They’re redesigning the entire [Third] Street park, and they haven’t determined yet if any of the components at all [of the skateboard bowl] … will be used in that design. It’s just too early to know.”



Anonymous said...

To refresh the memory of those that forgot:
1. The Dew Tour (Pepsi) signed the deal with OC while the Town held an exclusive supply contract with Pepsi.
2. Some bean counter found that he could save OC $15K by giving the exclusive contract to Coke.
3. The OC official responsible for bringing these type of events to OC resigned.
4. Pepsi pulled out of OC following this (stupid) slap in the face.

Berlin instead? Why not. It's close enough for visitors to travel to from OC for the event. I'll bet they'll even be willing to drink Pepsi.

Anonymous said...

Not smart.

Anonymous said...

I guess that means the Dew Tour won't be coming back.

I heard they didn't like the high crime rate.

Anonymous said...

Keep the deal with Coke, keep the event, rename it the Don't tour.

Anonymous said...

The Dew Tour isn't returning. It has nothing to do with crime or soda contracts. They simply move the venue around to different cities. The article isn't even about the Dew Tour, it is about the giant bowl they left behind. It is a White Elephant. It would be more economical to build a new bowl than re- assemble the DT bowl. The town should use it as an artificial reef.

Anonymous said...

Parking may be a challenge.

Anonymous said...

The Dew Tour was wildly successful. Unfortunately they move it around but it was a big deal and a win for the area.

Anonymous said...

More of our tax money for gee to piss away