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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Truck Stolen In Princess Anne


Anonymous said...

I smell something fishy here. How do you sleep through people ransacking your house, carrying out computers and office equipment, and stealing your truck, that has your business name on it? Someone should check his financial condition of his home based business, and his insurance claim. Anyone else smell it?

Want to bet the truck, if it's ever found, will be in a pond, or a river somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Do they live in a 10,000 sq foot home? I can't imagine the burglars were able to rummage through a home office, rip out the electronics and take a truck without ever waking up either of the home occupants? Kinda puzzling.

Anonymous said...

Jeff is a honest hardworking man I wouldn't make accusations without some cause. I'm sure if something is inconsistent it will come out in the wash but I wouldn't imply anything until the facts are in.

Anonymous said...

If they were asleep then how do they know it was 2 to 3 people?? Did a security video show this?? Where'd the cops find "some" of the stolen items? What, did the thieves leave them laying along side of the road?