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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Monkey Trial: Chimpanzees aren't people, New York court says

Judge rules only people are people

The New York Supreme Court has rejected a claim by an advocacy group that two chimpanzees held in captivity should be treated like legal persons and granted the right of habeas corpus – relief from unlawful imprisonment.

The Nonhuman Rights Project and its president, Steven Wise, sought habeas corpus relief for Tommy and Kiko, two chimpanzees held in cages by private owners in upstate New York, and argued that chimpanzees were entitled to many of the same legal rights as humans.

Five judges on the Appellate Division of the state’s Supreme Court ruled unanimously against the group on Thursday. Any shared abilities the chimpanzees may have with humans do not translate to their ability to be held legally accountable for their actions, Justice Troy Webber wrote in the decision.



Anonymous said...

Our legal system has been broken for years now , obama was the one who caused it , we waste time on crap like this ?
If the younger people would realize what 8 years of propaganda has done we would be in good shape.

Anonymous said...

Problem is, the younger people know nothing but propaganda and think it's the norm.

Anonymous said...

This country really needs more mental hospitals.