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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

BREAKING: House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and Aides SHOT, Lawmaker Asked, “Are Those Republicans or Democrats?”

Senator Rand Paul says 50-60 shots.

Rep. Ron DeSantis said he was asked, “Are those Republicans or Democrats out there practicing?”

DeSantis said the man who asked him the question fit the description of the shooter.

That was right before the shooting.

Rand Paul: Had the Capitol Police not been there it would have been a massacre.



Anonymous said...

Thank Dems soros cnn for this.

Anonymous said...

DEMOCRATS are responsible for this Hate against Republicans and the civil war is coming soon enough snowflakes.

Anonymous said...

Soros paid for.

Anonymous said...

Too bad he didn't open up on Palosi, Shoumer, and the other freaks in DC!

Anonymous said...

Too bad it wasnt a CNN game.

Anonymous said...

CNN and dems approved.

Anonymous said...

AMERICANS were shot at by a crazy person. This us vs them nonsense needs to end or we will never get anything done. Stop using this tragedy as a political narrative.

Anonymous said...

Dems want a civil race war and there gonna get it TICK TOCK.