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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Doctor Yourself

This book has changed my life but more importantly, it has changed the lives of some of the people I love the most as well. The secret ingredient is Vitamin C and plenty of it. I can only say get this book and read it and practice what it preaches. I was recently diagnosed with an infection in my lower intestine and prescribed two heavy duty antibiotics, which made me severely ill. I was told by the clinic I went to that if I didn’t stay the course and continue taking the prescribed antibiotics that I would die. I was so sick from only two doses of the antibiotics (with twenty-eight more doses to go) that I made the decision to stop. I had some old ascorbic acid in my kitchen and I mixed some up with baking soda and water and began taking it. Within three days I was as good as new.

While researching Vitamin C on the net I found this book, ordered it, read it, and told others my story. My sister has also started on high doses of Vitamin C and other supplements recommended in this book and no longer takes two prescription pain medications she has been on for years and falls asleep now at night by eating a handful of cashews (another recommendation in the book). I can go on and on. Just do

yourself a favor and get this book. You will save yourself tons of money over the years in doctor visits and prescription drug costs plus taking high doses of Vitamin C will improve your health now and could very much lesson your chance of getting any number of debilitating diseases including cancer in the future.



Anonymous said...

There are many natural substances that work in healing our bodies. The FDA board members get mega bucks to approve drugs that only produce more harmful side effects. It's all about money. The drug companies and FDA are not our friends.

Jim said...

The book's author, Andrew Saul, PhD, is a remarkable fellow. He worked with Abram Hoffer, MD, who is THE pioneer in this kind of healthcare.
The use of vitamin C, along with other nutrients can deal with almost any issue. It is worth reading.

Anonymous said...

this is spot on...7:25 and 7:52 dittos.