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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

CareFirst asking for higher rate increase

BALTIMORE —Maryland's largest health-insurance provider has upped its rate-increase request with the state.

The rate consumers pay for health insurance isn't a random number set by an executive. It's settled on after a complicated process between the state and insurers every year.

During a hearing on the matter Monday before the Maryland Insurance Administration, the CEO of CareFirst defended his company's revised May filing for insurance plans people buy under the Affordable Care Act.

For individual plans, for example, CareFirst now wants to charge 27.8 percent more for its HMO and 36.6 percent more for its PPO. That's on top of an average 22.9 percent rate increase from the year before, and it tops nearly all other rate changes proposed by carriers in Maryland's individual market.



Anonymous said...

That is staggering.
My insurance has already increased massively in the past 2 years.
Now another 30% increase?

I will have to pay the fine and take my chances with health.
Better to invest in good food and exercise instead of giving my money to the corporations.

Anonymous said...

It went up 19% last year. Thanks for nothing Obama.

Anonymous said...

But yet they still make disgusting profits. Hell no i pay enough already. More increase due to more freeloaders.

Anonymous said...

This higher increase for ppo is just plain wrong. At the rate bc/bs is increasing their rates yearly they will be out-pricing the product to the point people can not afford to buy it and this is wrong and if the Insurance Administration allows this to happen, they are as corrupt.
There is no way their costs have increased to this level over a two year period.

Anonymous said...

I will have to drop my insurance and pay the fine. I've had health insurance my entire life always believed in carrying it. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Part of the depopulation agenda?
Ask Soros about that one as well as the Muslim Management.

jh said...

We loose $500 every 2 weeks to far regular care is covered...we aren't a sick family but when an accident happens (hernia) nothing covered! At this point fines and outta pocket are probably cheaper than insurance.

Anonymous said...

I pray they're denied. Mine pays on my claims a very small percentage of what is charged. Medicare pays the most they'll pay & the rest goes to care first. It's never over a few bucks & is way more expensive, nearing 300 per month.