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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Now Clinton talks about her health issues

Comes after week of reports that suggest stroke, seizure, inability to stand up

After a week of reports raising questions about Hillary Clinton’s health, the Democratic candidate for president has chimed in: She says she’s fine.

The Washington Examiner reported Friday Clinton in a campaign podcast talked about how worn out she was after the Democratic convention and a subsequent bus trip.

“By the end of those two weeks that’s exactly how I felt, it was, ‘Oh my gosh, I don’t know that I can get up, let alone what I will do if I am vertical,'” she said.

She said she tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“I, knock on wood, am pretty lucky because I have a lot of stamina and endurance, which is necessary in the kind of campaign I’m engaged in,” Clinton said, the Examiner reported. “But I also … try to eat right, not always succeeding but try, try to get enough sleep, try to get exercise. Now I’m not going to pretend that I like it because I don’t but between yoga and walking, getting on the treadmill, some weights, I try to keep up.”


Anonymous said...

Translation: Legitimate concerns about her health are gaining traction and this is her campaign's way of laying groundwork to refute by saying 'she's already addressed this.'

Meaning John and Susan Q. Public are taking note.

Next up: The movie 'Weekend At Hillary's'.

Concerned Retiree said...

Where is her medical records if she is in such good shape? Are we supposed to believe the infamous misleading Hillary that uses a play on words / lies every time she opens her mouth?

Anonymous said...

The way she has cooked the books on everything else, I wouldn't believe any 'medical records' that they might produce.

Her 'personal physician' claimed that she was in excellent health. I wonder what he was paid to say that.

Anonymous said...

If she tries to keep watch of our government as well as she watches her diet...

Anonymous said...

Always remember everything that hilldabeast says just translate it into the opposite.
Always lying

Anonymous said...

She sure is ugly and a mouth that spews trash.