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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

FOP responds to protesters outside its conference

BALTIMORE —Protesters chained themselves to railings outside and inside the lobby of the Baltimore Hyatt Regency Hotel Sunday afternoon as the state's Fraternal Order of Police held its bi-annual conference there.

Police arrested 12 protesters and charged them with trespassing. The Baltimore Bloc protested the FOP Tuesday, the second day in a row, at the FOP Lodge at 39020 Buena Vista Ave.

"The FOP is the No. 1 obstruction to police accountability and justice they operate more as a good ole boys club instead of a union," said Ralikh Hayes, coordinator of Baltimore Bloc.

"Well, I think there's a narrative out there that's just inaccurate. I think it's made up. I really don't think it's a misunderstanding," said O'Brien Atkinson, vice president of Maryland FOP.

Atkinson on Monday reacted to Sunday's protests and arrests.



Anonymous said...

Just sitting here thinking about the BLM. Since the BLM movement I've heard a lot less from Al Sharpton. Did he retire ? Is he letting the BLM do his dirty work? Mmm it just makes me wonder .

Anonymous said...

Suggestion to protesters or tu-ds:
Get a career and bring in some needed funds instead of living off of the working class. You will not have the time for silliness (b/s) because you will be too exhausted, and may just find it fulfilling as you can be proud of yourself. Your friends and relatives will notice also, this should give you some self worth instead of feeling like the loser you are. Oh, I'm not a doctor, just a ole boy trying to make ends meet.

Anonymous said...

Secret society?

Anonymous said...

Somebody fill me in about what an inclusive and diverse organization BLM is. Don't worry, I'll keep breathing during the wait.

Anonymous said...

A good prank on these idiots would have been to fill a Zippo lighter fluid can with water then spray them and light a match. I think they would have called the police and then asked for their mommy.