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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Here are the winners and losers in the race to grow medical marijuana in Maryland

CannaMED Pharmaceuticals LLC

This applicant recently hired Hal Saylor, retired police chief in tiny Delmar, Md., as its public information officer. Jesse Parker, the company's head of security, was formerly on the U.S. Air Force's security police and a federal air marshall.

Angeline Nanni , chief executive/president

Who's involved

Matthew James Burroughs

Mathew Brandon Hoffman

Angeline Nanni

Jeffrey Siskind

Bruce Lowe

Jesse Delnor Parker Jr.

Hal Saylor

Wicomico County


Anonymous said...

Shore Green group are a very familiar bunch also!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

loved the comments on how the list looks like an FOP organization! lol
politicians lobbyists and kops, what else is new!

Anonymous said...

So basically, if you dont have connections to the political arena, or law enforcement, you had a slim chance of being accepted?

Imagine that.

Anonymous said...

Of course the Odachowski crew is in it. He's been supplying Worcester County for years already with Randy Beauchamp S Help.

Anonymous said...

Cops have always been involved in drug dealing.
CIA is the biggest dealer of them all!

lmclain said...

Millionaires helping millionaires get a lock on the latest money making machine.
And former cops, who used to dress up and befriend people so they could imprison them later, are now best friends with drug dealers?
They didn't have any integrity then and don't have any of it today, either.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on that one

Anonymous said...

Noticed the Gillis and Gilkerson crew's names involved. Anybody else sick of seeing them?

Anonymous said...

Any former law enforcement officer who is involved in any aspect, and I observed there are many, need to hang their head in absolute shame. Each and everyone of them are a disgrace.