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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bahrain's Prince Met With Clinton After Donating $32 Million

Newly released Department of State documents reveal that the Crown Prince of Bahrain was given an audience with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after he donated $32 million to her foundation.

The documents, released Monday by Judicial Watch, included emails between Clinton Foundation executive Doug Band and former Clinton State Department aide Huma Abedin, which appear to show that Abedin acted as a middleman between Clinton and her foundation’s donors.

Band and Abedin’s email exchanges show that Bahrain’s Crown Prince Salman had to go through the Clinton Foundation in order to set up a meeting with Clinton after the former Secretary of State declined to meet after official requests were made.



Anonymous said...

The smell of rotting fish is overwhelming.

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Anonymous said...

Notice the meeting was AFTER he gave $32 million. That's how the Clintons have operated for years and will continue to do if they get back in the White House. Remember all the guests allowed to sleepover in the Lincoln bedroom at the WH when Bill Clinton was President?