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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Baltimore Police Investigate 5 Shootings Monday Night

Monday was a busy night for the Baltimore City Police Detectives after five people were shot within an hour in different parts of the city. Two men have died because of the gun fire.

According to Baltimore City Police, approximately 10:15 P.M., a man was found at the intersection of Ashland and Broadway with gunshot wounds. He was taken to the hospital. A little later, police found a second victim at a hospital who shot in the same part of the city.

An hour earlier, around 9:15 P.M., officers heard gunfire in the 5300 block of Sinclair Lane. A man had been shot in the chest in that area. He died.



Anonymous said...

BLM protesting? BLM helping the police find the killer?

Anonymous said...

According to the headline they only investigate shootings on Monday night.

Anonymous said...

Charm City.
What a nightmare of a town.

Anonymous said...

Run by liberal democrats, shocker.

Anonymous said...

Only five?