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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Trump support in Maryland

During the primary campaign, Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump held rallies in the conservative strongholds of Western Maryland and the Eastern Shore. But when the votes were counted, his strongest support came in Legislative District 6 – the Baltimore County communities of Dundalk and Essex – where he captured 77 percent of ballots cast.

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Anonymous said...

No thanks to hogan.

Anonymous said...

Not that surprising the residents of Dundalk and Essex are similar to the residents of the shore. Working class.

Anonymous said...

Nicest people you would want to meet!!! Most of them white working class. There are a lot of blue collar democrats who will be voting for Trump. Most of these people have lost their jobs to these free trade agreements. Most of them worked for the steel mills, so they definitely have a beef with the government and the Democratic party. Should be an interesting election!!!! This will be the silent majority that will vote for Trump. Sort of like Brexit!!!!

Unknown said...

I have yet to meet a single supporter of killary in person, and hope I never do.

Anonymous said...

Strongly oppose Hillary.

This report only talks about his support among those voting in the Republican primary. He's the nominee because he prevailed over quite a few candidates, each of whom on their worst day is light years of Clinton when she's propped up and conscious.

To carry Maryland will require many crossover voters, just like in the election that gave us Mr. Hogan. We need to be positive about our governor - we could have had O'Malley's choice instead.

Focus on defeating Clinton; that's the object. Bite your tongue until then.