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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Clinton's conflicts of interest

When Donald Trump calls on Hillary Clinton to shut down the Clinton Foundation, it could be taken as just the usual cut and thrust of presidential campaigning. But when the Boston Globe, hardly a conservative or Republican news organization, says Clinton must suspend donations if she wins the presidency, it's clear that the issue being raised is not partisan.

Clinton expects to become president in January, and her odds of attaining that office seem pretty high. So it matters who is contributing to a fund over which she and her closest family members exercise control, and from which she has built a second life for her family in politics.

It especially matters given how Clinton intermingled official State Department business with Clinton Foundation business during her time as secretary. It's not just that they shared employees, or that donors could expect perks such as being appointed to important positions for which they were unqualified.


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Anonymous said...

This goes well beyond Conflict of Interest. She's been selling off America like a chop shop in NY. Chopping up the country and its assets little by little. She's moving towards a global government as her puppetmaster, George Soros, directed her to do. You people really need to wake up around here. Hillary Clinton is a corrupt and ruthless criminal.