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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Walmart Employee Slits Throat of Firefighter

A Walmart employee attacked two people with a knife at the Princeton, Texas store Wednesday afternoon, slitting the throat of an off-duty fireman, and stabbing an independent contractor in the abdomen.

While McKinney Battalion Fire Chief George Cook was shopping, Walmart employee Nicolas Martinez walked up behind the fireman and stabbed him in the throat.

He also stabbed a man in the abdomen who was doing contract work for the store, Frederick Oswald of Princeton.

The terrifying scene happened in front of other customers and workers, then the suspect walked out of the store and into a field nearby. Police officers responding to the crime captured the suspect there in the field. In his possession was a bloody pocket knife and a box cutter.

The suspect was identified as Nicolas Martinez, 20 – who was immediately fired from his job at Walmart. He was charged with Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon and bail is set at $100,000. His immigration status is unknown.



Anonymous said...

If there was ever a case for a cop to shoot., this was it. You missed guys.
Why are we playing with people like this?
This POS skum deserved to die in that field.

Anonymous said...

It would have been perfect target practice for police to unload on that POS

Anonymous said...

Hmm. More workplace violence.

Anonymous said...

$100,000 bond aint nothin

Anonymous said...

He was fired?!?!?!?

But according to MSM he was the ALLEGED attacker.

Anonymous said...

Hang him.

lmclain said...

Start (if you don't already) carrying a gun.
You don't need any PERMISSION from a swollen-with-authority, overbearing, know-it-all, wanna-be Nazi with dreams of a 4th Reich telling you what rights (given to us by GOD, not Charles Rangel or hillary clinton) HE will LET you have and use, which he (with his authority) may change and parcel out to "we, the people" anytime he so chooses. HE gets to distribute our right?? I don't think so. Pack that heat and count on citizens like me to say "good thing you shot that animal - he was getting ready to slice the throat of my teenage son". But the prosecutor wants life in prison!
Jury nullification.
Look it up and USE IT. Perfectly legal with no punishment. One of the GREATEST rights we have, by the way....

At least for a little while longer, "we, the people" still have a say....
Keep cheering.