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Saturday, July 16, 2016

David Brown, Dallas police chief, puts Obama to shame on race relations

What will I tell my children about the recent tragedies after the deaths of five police officers and the shootings of a number of black Americans. How will I explain to them that our nation is being torn apart by violence, anger and distrust and that we are desperately looking for national leadership?

Our country is experiencing another round of riots and protests pitting black Americans against law enforcement. A painful divide exists in our country where many in the black-majority communities feel isolated and frustrated while our police and first responders feel abandoned by our leaders. Two communities are greatly suffering, tensions are high, and there is no real solution in sight and seemingly no national leader with the ability to heal the nation.

President Obama insists that “we are not as divided as we seem.” Obviously, he has been living in a glass bubble too long.

The president is hardly a neutral observer. In many instances, he has been highly critical of law enforcement and highlighted police brutality even before all the facts were in.


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Anonymous said...

This man has more intelligence in his little pinky finger than Obama has in his whole body.