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Saturday, July 16, 2016

High-Tech Solar Road Surface to Be Tested on Historic Highway

A new type of high-tech pavement is being tested on one of the nation's historic roads in Missouri.

Called Solar Roadways, the system involves hexagonal blocks of roughly 4.4 square feet. Made of a special type of glass, they fit together, have traction like that of conventional pavement, and are solar panels that absorb sunlight. That solar energy is turned into electricity.

According to NBC News, the panels also feature LED lights that can be turned on and off to act as lane markers. There's also a heating element, which will help keep the buildup of ice and snow down.

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Anonymous said...

Think of this being put at the half mile before the Bay Bridge toll stations.

Anonymous said...

Moronic idea that will cost billions.

Anonymous said...

It will help power supply problems in country.

Steve said...

This will end up as a colossal waste of money. Our roads can't even handle the summer/ winter expansions, much less the traffic weight! And what happens when the connection goes bad on a rainy night and all the lines disappear!

Keep it to small parking lots, maybe.

Anonymous said...