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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Inside the FBI: Agents’ Outrage at Hillary Email Decision

How much blood is boiling among FBI agents?

—You’re an FBI agent. You sit and watch television night after night, as a Presidential candidate who should have been brought up on felony charges, and thereby disqualified and scuttled, moves through the land and makes promises about what she’ll do as the next leader of the nation. You sit and watch, deepening your grasp on how the system actually works—

Sharyl Attkisson, former CBS News investigative reporter, has the story (

“Many people at the FBI are outraged, but cannot speak out,” one insider told me,” Attkisson writes.

We’re talking about FBI Director James Comey’s recommendation that Hillary Clinton not be prosecuted in her email scandal. This, after thousands of hours of FBI work scouring the emails connected to Hillary’s illegal private server.

Here are several other comments FBI professionals made, off the record, to Attkisson, with my remarks in parentheses ():

“It appears to me they made a deal not to record [the key FBI-Hillary] interview.”

(This failure, as I wrote, means the interview is lost forever. No stenographic transcript was executed, either. FBI agents’ notes on the interview are useless. They can never be used against Hillary as ironclad evidence in a court of law.)



Anonymous said...

So far this administration has ruined the integrity of the IRS,the Justice Department, The FBI,the State Department and is doing their best to dismantle our military. Just like ancient Rome, our destruction is coming from within. God help us all.

lmclain said...

Two sets of laws.

In your face. Every day.

Keep cheering.