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Friday, March 11, 2016

Republican National Committee Files FOIA Request on Hillary Clinton Personnel Practices

It's the latest round in a continuing scrutiny of the Democratic frontrunners' managerial practices as secretary of state.

The Republican National Committee is pressing the State Department for information on whether former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and her chief of staff at the department, Cheryl Mills, failed to disclose a special arrangement allowing Mills to hold outside jobs.

A Freedom of Information Act request the RNC sent to the department Friday demands a copy of all records related to Mills' "selection, approval, status, and/or classification of Mills" as a special government employee in 2009 and again in 2013. Coming on the heels of a disclosure that Clinton's release of business-related emails she sent on a private account was incomplete, the RNC's latest move underscores Republicans' determination to maintain a relentless focus on the Democratic presidential frontrunner's managerial practices.


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Anonymous said...

Keep the pressure on the HildaBeast!
Show her to be unfit to be running this country!